Information and Requests to Visitors' Cooperation

Effective May 8, 2023, the "Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19 Infections in Choral Activities" by the All Japan Choral Association has been abolished. However, we would like to ask everyone to keep the following points in mind and cooperate with our concert organized in consideration for infectious diseases.

The concert and the contents of these guidelines are subject to change depending on the infection status. Please check this website for the latest information before visiting.


Guidance on cooperation to infection control

  • Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or cold symptoms.
  • Please be considerate of visitors with high risk of infection (the elderly and those with chronic illnesses) and wear a mask whenever possible. If you have cough or sneezing symptoms, please be sure to wear a mask and observe proper etiquette when coughing.
  • All doors may be opened even when the venue is open in order to ensure proper ventilation inside the venue. The temperature inside the venue may temporarily be inappropriate, so please be prepared for low temperature.

Other considerations

  • Please do not bring anything other than your personal belongings into the venue.
  • Please refrain from visiting the performers, giving gifts, or dropping them off. We will not be able to keep them. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the venue.